unexpected beauty in Suðuroy

Suðuroy as most of the Faroe Islands is tilted to the east. Open, friendly, accesible on the eastern side, beaten, beautiful, rugged, unspoiled at the western side. In Suðuroy, though there is easy access to many of the spellbinding unbelievably steep bird cliffs from the top. You can practically drive all the way up the edge and look in to the abyss. Always a strong experience, when nature rules it is terrifying.

Suðuroy is the unimaginable beauty of the Faroe Islands
Tórshavn unlike any other city

We think you’re going to love Tórshavn! As the smallest capital city in the world, everything in Tórshavn is easy. Forget traffic-clogged highways, forget crowds of people, forget fighting for a seat on the bus. Here, we live life as it should be lived. With plenty of space and clean, fresh air, there’s a real sense of well-being in the Faroese capital. This is the sort of place where people still have time for each other, where people are concerned about each other and where life moves at a civilised pace.

The unforgettable colors of Tórshavn
The Northern Islands are unconquered
The Northern Islands

The breathtaking scenery is captivating. Dramatic high mountains with steep falls to the sea and scattered small villages. Norðoyggjar is the northern most part of the Faroe Islands. The name – The Northern Isles – represents six islands where you in one single day can experience the blinding contrast between the bustling fishing industry in the Faroe Islands’ second largest town, Klaksvík and the silence and tranquility in the smaller villages.

Island hopping is unforgettable in the Northern Islands
unlike any other view from Eysturoy

Eysturoy is the second largest island in the Faroe Islands and offers more than it’s fair share of sights, excursions and experiences. On of the most popular places for tourists lies at the northern end. Both in and out of season the guesthouse, Gjáargarður, in the small village Gjógv is well visited. For centuries the villagers’ only acces to the sea has been through the gorge, from which the village has taken its name. Here you can experience man’s ingeniuity and nature’s power and beauty all in one spectacular place. The two imposing rock stacks nearby, named Risin og Kellingin, are also a must see for visitors.

The unstoppable Giant and the Hag
The unseen beauty of Mykines
Vágar and Mykines

The three main villages, Sørvágur, Miðvágur and Sandavágur hava given the island its name and are home to most of the people on Vágar. The small and picturesque villages Bøur and Gásadalur offer an unparalelled view of the fjord and the islet Tindhólmur. Until recently the only way to get to charming Gásadalur was on foot from Bøur and over the mountain. Although there now is a tunnel to Gásadalur, the old post route is still recommended for those with the stamina.

See the unexplainable nature in Vágar
unstressed village life in Sandoy
Sandoy, Skúvoy & St. Dímun

Sandoy is the different island. The hillsides seem greener and the mountains do not climb as high as they do in the rest of the Faroe Islands. Located only 20 minutes with ferry south of Streymoy, Sandoy is easily visited and well worth the trip.
This mild mannered island offers something to both the adrenaline seekers as well as those looking for good hikes and fishing trips. Here you can experience the exceptional feeling when hanging in mid air 300 meters above the sea. The Faroe Islanders have in generations taken birds and birds’ eggs from the nests and now tourists can get the unique experience of feeling what it is like rapelling down a steep mountain side.

unlock the natural gems of Sandoy