Total Solar Eclipse 2015

Visibility across the islands

This list gives you an overview of where in the islands the Total Solar Eclipse is visible, maybe visible or not visible.

This if based on the first contact of the eclipse at 8.38AM.


To get the most out of the eclipse experience, we suggest everyone locate themselves in a place where they can see the Sun from FIRST CONTACT, so that the very start of the eclipse can be seen.  Most people celebrate the start of the eclipse. This happens at 8.38am.  When you are in this location at this time, you can then spend the next hour watching the eclipse progress, and noticing the changes that happen around you. If you are planning to travel on eclipse day, make sure to leave enough time so that you are ready to watch from 8.38am.  


The map below (shadows at first contact) shows the areas that will be in shadow at the FIRST contact of the eclipse – that is, at 8.38am.  The list of villages that outline where the eclipse is possible to be viewed from is taken from this time 8.38am.  This is the map that should be used when planning your viewing location. 


There is a second map that shows the shadows at SECOND CONTACT, which is totality, at 9.40am.  This is the most exciting part of the eclipse and should not be missed.  You can check this map to see where the totality can be seen at 9.40am.  The eclipsed sun will be in a higher position in the sky, and some places that were in shadow at first contact may see the eclipse at totality.  If you are in one of these locations, you might consider going elsewhere to view the eclipse.  


Remember that the total eclipse involves not just the Sun and the Moon, but the landscape around you.  Sometimes you will see the darkness approaching from the west, and you can also see beautiful colours on the horizon.  If you have mountains blocking your view, you may miss some of these features.   


These maps were calculated using the most accurate eclipse data, and local details were confirmed by Faroese experts.  


See and download the list of villages here which shows the visibility at first contact at app. 8:38AM. 


See and download the list of villages here which shows the visibility during the Total Solar Eclipse at app. 9:40AM


These maps provided by Michael Zeiler, show the visibility at first contact in the Faroe Islands.


These maps show the visibility at second contact (Total Solar Eclipse):

FaroesDetailMap_TotalEclipse_1Second contact FaroesOverviewMap_TotalEclipse_1Second Contact