Total Solar Eclipse 2015

Traffic Information

Road restrictions

If driving to see the eclipse, be aware that the roads will be busy, and parking is limited at many locations.

Official guidance has been issued about parking for the eclipse.  To ensure a flow of traffic for everyone, it is not possible to park on narrow roads.  Usual traffic and parking restrictions apply in built up areas.   If you are planning to drive on eclipse day, see detailed guidance here.

It is important not to block the roads. If parking along the road, only use 1 side. In case of emergency there always have to be 2 lanes available on the roads for ambulances, the fire brigade and the police to pass by.

See this map for information about parking. The green lines on the map indicate, where it is possible to park the car during the solar eclipse.

Traffic Information


Important information about travel

1. Be aware of significant increase in the number of vehicles using the roads, which will include local traffic, hire cars,  and a high number of buses. On the morning of the eclipse, there may be a significant increase in the number of vehicles using roads particularly:

  • In and out of Tórshavn
  • Within Tórshavn
  • The area by the bridge between Streymoy and Eysturoy

2. Plan for delays. Road users travelling on the morning of the eclipse should plan for delays and reconsider any non-essential travel.

3. If you do travel to view the eclipse, drive to the conditions and be mindful of safety.. See the recommended areas in the booklet, and do not park on the main road as this will block traffic.

4. Keep informed. Up-to-date information about the traffic and driving conditions can be obtained from Landsverk:

5. When choosing a suitable location to park, always check that you are not blocking traffic. Do not park on the main road.  See the recommended areas in this booklet, and more detailed information on  Police will be issuing fines for those vehicles that are blocking traffic and your car may be removed if parked illegally.

Follow all directions. It is important that you follow all directions given by traffic controllers during changed traffic conditions as there might be some road restrictions.

Always check the updated driving conditions here.


20th March in the evening the city center in Tórshavn will be closed for traffic. See this map for more information.



In the Faroe Islands driving is in the right side of the road. In built up areas the speed limit is 50 km/h and on main roads 80 km/h.