Total Solar Eclipse 2015

Afternoon talks at the Solar Eclipse exhibition

The National Museum invites to afternoon talks at 4 pm at the special Solar Eclipse exhibition. The next talks will be Wednesday 18 March and Friday 20 March.

Guillaume Hébrard visits the museum Wednesday March 18 at 4 pm with the talk: “The total Solar eclipse on 20th March 2015 in Faroe Islands”. Hébrard will present Solar Eclipses, the phenomenon, their periodicities and how to observe it in the Faroe Islands. The talk will include some advice on taking pictures of a solar eclipse.

Dr Guillaume Hébrard is an astrophysicist at the Institute d’Astrophysique in Paris and Observatoire de Haute-Provence in France. Hébrard’s research focusses on extrasolar planets and he is also an eclipse observer.

Tyler Nordgren visits the museum Friday March 20 at 4 pm with a special talk on the Solar Eclipse few hours after the Total Solar Eclipse of the morning.

Dr Tyler Nordgren is professor of astronomy and physics at the University of Redlands in California. Nordgren is on the American Astronomical Society’s task force for planning for the 2017 total solar eclipse that will cross the United States. He works with the U.S. National Park Services to help promote astronomy education.