Total Solar Eclipse 2015


For the Total Solar Eclipse 20th March 2015 some of our artists and companies have created special edition products. These can all be purchased once you arrive in the Faroe Islands.

The products can be purchased in shops throughout the islands e.g. Østrom in Tórshavn, VisitTórshavn, Mikkalina Glas in Tórshavn, Jógvan Weihe in Tórshavn, 2×3 in Tórshavn, SMS Shopping Centre in Tórshavn, HNJ Bookshop in Tórshavn, Storm in Runavík, Vagar Airport, Norðoya Heimavirki in Klaksvík, The tourist information centre in Klaksvík, Leikalund in Klaksvík.


See some of them here:




Føroya Bjór has brewed a limited number of Sólarbjór (Solar Beer) for the Total Solar Eclipse 20th March this year.

The beer is unique because it is brewed in complete darkness and under full moon. It is brewed on pure Faroese water.



solar eclipse 


Solar Eclipse Necklace made by Silvursnið
The unique Solar Eclipse Necklace is a handmade piece of jewelry made of 925 sterling silver.
This is a limited edition design.


A special edition of stamps is made by Posta. The Faroese stamps, which commemorate the total solar eclipse, the artist uses his artistic freedom to draw the sun east of Nólsoy as seen from Tórshavn. This island is located to the east just outside the Faroese capital. Like a giant breakwater, it protects the city against the big ocean waves. In reality however, the Sun will be visible farther south during the eclipse.

wool eclipse

Wool Eclipse has made some unique souvenirs and jewelry out of Faroese materials- wool, rams horn and rock.


Posters, magnets and postcards by The Petur


Solar Eclipse T-Shirt


Poster by einfalt



Remember to protect your eyes during the Total Solar Eclipse. Eclipse glasses are already now available in shops throughout the Faroe Islands.