Total Solar Eclipse 2015

Legend from another eclipse


Photo from Listasavn Føroya,

According to an old Faroese legend four brothers lived in the village of Sumba at the most southern point of the Faroe Islands. The were all brave and strong, but they were constantly quarrelling and fighting and sometimes even threathing to take each other’s lives. One day they were out in the mountains tending their sheep when darkness suddenly fell upon them. They were terrified and promised the Lord that if they survived this experience they would change and become better men. Soon after the sun came out again and legend says that they hugged and never fought nor quarreled again for the rest of their lives.

This legend is believed to be a recollection of a total solar eclipse recorded in the Faroe Islands on 30 May 1612 at 11.25 am. On 20 March 2015 a total solar eclipse will once again cover the Faroe Islands in darkness at 9.41 am.