Total Solar Eclipse 2015

By Air

Travel information about trips to the Faroe Islands during the week of the Total Solar Eclipse:


Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways ties the North Atlantic together, connecting the Faroe Islands with Keflavik (IS), Copenhagen (DK), Billund (DK), Bergen (NO) and London (UK).


Flights from Copenhagen (DK):

3 times a day (expect the morning of 22 March)

Departure and arrival times vary


Flights from Billund (DK):

16 March

Departure at 19:30 – Arrival at 20:35


19 March

Departure at 11:45 – Arrival at 12:50


Flights from London Stansted (UK):

17 March

Departure at 15:45 – Arrival at 17:45

NOTICE: Must be booked directly through Atlantic Airways


21 March

Departure at 21:00 – Arrival 23:00

NOTICE: Must be booked directly through Atlantic Airways


Flights from Keflavik (IS):

18 March

Departure at 16:50 – Arrival at 18.20


Flights from Bergen (NO):

18 March

Departure at 21:50 – Arrival at 22:20


19 March

Departure at 20:30 – Arrival at 21:00


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There are several incoming companies in the Faroe Islands that can assist you with booking your flights to the Faroe Islands.

Contact the following providers for further information:


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