Total Solar Eclipse 2015


Although the Faroe Islands are located at 62 degrees N the climate in the Faroe Islands is surprisingly mild due to the Gulf Stream. The average temperature in the warmest months is 13°C resulting is mild summer days and during the winther the average temperature is 3°C.

Another characteristic with the Faroese climate and which really facinates foreigners is the constantly changing wheather. One of the most common feedbacks from tourists is the uniqueness of experiencing all four seasons within the same day.

Check out the current and forecasted weather in the Faroe Islands here:

Current update from Tv2 Denmark

YR - Norwegian Meteorological Institut

DMI – Danish Meteorological Institut



The Faroe Eclipse Weather project

The project studied the weather at eclipse time in March 2014 and was led by Dr. Geoff Sims and Dr. Kate Russo. The project it involved folk from all over the islands taking a photo of the sky at 09:40 each day, for the entire month. The end result was a large dataset showing varying weather throughout the small archipelago. The data, alongside daily cloud forecasts, were analysed quantitatively, and the results were published late last year in the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.  The article is available freely online here.



An overview of the weather the last years made by Birgar Johannesen:

2008: A good deal of snow

2009: Dry and calm with a lot of sun. Up to 15 Degrees Celcius.

2010: Dry and good weather in general. A few showers between 7.00 – 8.00PM

2011: Cold and grey throughout the day, and dry during the morning. At 3.00PM in the afternoon it started raining and the wind increased. During the evening it was stormy.

2012: In the morning from 8.00-9.00AM the weather was good and dry. After that it rained until 10.00 at night with the except from noon to 1.00PM.

2013: Beautiful weather with sun all day long. In the afternoon from 2.00 – 3.00PM it was a bit of sleet.

2014: Changing weather. Mostly dry and some hail showers. Some sun but windy.